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Answers To Computer Networking

Windows to Windows File Sharing Connect the two computers by using an Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the Ethernet Cable to the square port at the back of the computer.

How do you access an online site using your IP address?

i Would like to ask whether it is an excellent idea to offer a free internet spot AS an enthusiast in computer science who is a master grad from Printon college. Read more

What are tools used to assess LAN?

VIPRE is a market leader in Internet security solutions that shield businesses, solution providers and users at home from harmful and costly cyber threats. by wow dad Find out more

What are some examples of input and output devices in a computer?

InputKeyboardMouseTouch ScreenScannerCameraMicrophoneLight penoptical mark readerBar code readerOutputPrinterMonitorSpeakersProjectorInput As Well As OutputDisk Read more

How do you convert Windows NT RAS Server into Windows 2000 Ras Server

Add the RRAS computer to the appropriate group: Log on to your computer with an account that has administrator privileges on the Windows 2000 domain. 2. Laun Read more

Local Area Network

What is a message control system?

A method for controlling messages within a software system. This method activates a report handling module when an subroutine is able to send an informational message. The subroutine is


If the trust relationship between a workstation and a domain is broken, how do you fix it?

One Way: When you attempt to connect or log-on to a computer and you receive an error that says: "the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary doma Read more

How do you network two computers directly by using a cat 5 cable?

Easy Setup:Connect 2 Computers Directly Using Crossover Cablehttp://www.home-network-help.com/crossover.HTMLyou will need a crossover cable to do this. Continue reading

Cable Internet

What kind of modem do you have?

There are 3 types of modems. One is the

Cable Modem

DSL Modem

Dial Up Modem (inside older computers)

What is an LAN?

LANsA Local Area Network (LAN) is a small network that is typically located within the same building or campus. It is typically private, in contrast to the public intern. Find out more


What is a webserver?

A web server is a program that receives requests from clients via the internet and provides the requested information to the client. A web server hosts Read More


How can connect two computers without a router or hub?

One Answer: It's possible to connect two computers by using switches, not hub. A switch is superior to hubs because it avoids the possibility of collisions.

Satellite Internet


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Verizon FiOS & Verizon Broadband Services provide lightning fast speeds and crystal clear 100% fiber optic Fios networks and the reliability that they have proven for their customers.

What virus causes My Computer Internet Explorer Network Network and My Documents folders to not open?

AnswerJust found this virus on my PC, formated my hard drive and then reinstalled programs. Of course, this worked, however since then, I've discovered the solution that works. Read more

Computer networking


What is meant by desktop support?

Ask Wiki User

In essence, support for your computer, either it's software or the computer itself. Contact with a company to resolve any issues you may have with their product.

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