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Embattled Nashville massage therapist after broke on Catfish TELEVISION display, health commissioner new with controversy
NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) : Before Tarek Mentouri was initially known in Nashville like a massage counselor underneath legal investigation for inappropriate sex-related behavior towards consumers and even job searchers, MTV visitors knew him because Issac, a man revealed on the show “Catfish” for pretending to get someone he or she wasn’t.

Typically the popular TV show benefits hosts tracking down men and women who make-believe to end up being someone they are not necessarily, generally in romantic conditions having others, and providing together typically the sufferer in addition to the “catfish. ”

Within the 2015 event, Mentouri admitted to convincing a woman he had communicated with online that this individual was initially someone else, transmitting the girl a fake photo.

“You don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with misleading folks? ” asked the particular woman referred to as Courtney.

“No, I didn’t know what exactly to think, I didn’t feel comfortable at very first. I obtained caught, ” Mentouri claimed. ” That was dishonest and am include to apologize. ”

From the episode, Mentouri talks concerning instruction to grow to be a massage therapist.

“I’m working about a therapeutic massage license. I have experienced a conveyable table I have used for decades upon a lot of pals, ” Mentouri said.

News4 Investigates has reported that will twelve women in Center Tennessee have come frontward claiming Mentouri exhibited inappropriate sexual actions during nature and task interviews.

Mentouri repeatedly explained to News4 Investigates he’s completed nothing inappropriate.

Our investigation also observed that women filed claims with the state team connected with health as considerably back as 2017, nevertheless the state did not necessarily revoke his license right up until that August.

It suggests women frequently went to be able to Mentouri for deep massages, in addition to experienced what they describe as sexual assault, not knowing the state was doing a study into him.

On a media conference this specific week, News4 Investigates was initially able to ask Doctor. Lisa Piercey, commissioner involving the team of overall health, about their inspection.

“Many of the women feel upset with the state requesting the reason why did this take so long? Do you possess answers as to why this took so longer? ” asked News4 Investigates.

“I’m 마사지 with often the case you’re referring to, but I can unequivocally explain to you that it is undesirable at every single levels for a practioner to possess any inappropriate contact having a buyer or customer. I would like to show some gratitude to that heads right up, and I can be positive to take that back in licensure, ” Piercey explained.

“But is this suitable to you for that taking this kind of long for you to have a hearing this is this serious? ” News4 Investigates asked.

“I wil comment on the capabilities of the particular case until we all know additional, ” Piercey said.

“We’d like to help talk to you if you find out, ” News4 Investigates said.

“Sure, ” Piercey said.

But when News4 Investigates asked today regarding an meeting, a spokeswoman for the section involving health said PIercey wasn’t available, writing, “Even when founded, every infringement will do not rise to typically the level of the delay, pause or even annulment of the practitioner’s license. 마사지 or not can be complex and take time, particularly as new witnesses or allegations come to light source. ”

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