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simple registration

* Plugin Name: Simple Registration Form
* Plugin URI: https://aftabhusain.wordpress.com/
* Description: This plugin allows users to put simple registration form on page , post or template using shortcode
* Version: 1.0.1
* Author: Aftab Husain
* Author URI: https://aftabhusain.wordpress.com/
* Author Email: amu02.aftab@gmail.com
* License: GPLv2

define(‘SRF_REGISTRATION_INCLUDE_URL’, plugin_dir_url(__FILE__).’includes/’);
//add front end css and js
function srf_slider_trigger(){
wp_enqueue_style(‘srf_caro_css_and_js’, SRF_REGISTRATION_INCLUDE_URL.”front-style.css”);
wp_register_script(‘srf_caro_css_and_js’, SRF_REGISTRATION_INCLUDE_URL.”font-script.js” );

// function to registration Shortcode
function srf_registration_shortcode( $atts ) {
global $wpdb, $user_ID;

//if looged in rediret to home page
if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {
wp_redirect( get_option(‘home’) );// redirect to home page

if(sanitize_text_field( $_POST[‘com_submit’]) != ”){

$firstname=sanitize_text_field( $_REQUEST[‘com_firstname’] );
$lastname=sanitize_text_field( $_REQUEST[‘com_lastname’]);
$username = sanitize_text_field( $_REQUEST[‘com_username’] );
$email = sanitize_text_field( $_REQUEST[‘com_email’] );
$password = $wpdb->escape( sanitize_text_field( $_REQUEST[‘com_password’]));
$status = wp_create_user($username,$password,$email);
$succress =”;

if (is_wp_error($status)) {
$error_msg = __(‘Username or Email already registered. Please try another one.’,”);
update_user_meta( $user_id,’first_name’, $firstname);
update_user_meta( $user_id,’last_name’, $lastname);

$succress= __(‘Your are register successfully for this site.’,”);

<div class=”alar-registration-form”>
<div class=”alar-registration-heading”>
<?php _e(“Registration Form”,”);?>
<?php if($error_msg!=”) { ?><div class=”error”><?php echo $error_msg; ?></div><?php } ?>
<?php if($succress!=”) { ?><div class=”success”><?php echo $succress; ?></div><?php } ?>

<form name=”form” id=”registration” method=”post”>
<div class=”ftxt”>
<label><?php _e(“First Name :”,”);?></label>
<input id=”com_firstname” name=”com_firstname” type=”text” class=”input” required value=<?php echo $firstname; ?> >
<div class=”ftxt”>
<label><?php _e(“Last name :”,”);?></label>
<input id=”com_lastname” name=”com_lastname” type=”text” class=”input” required value=<?php echo $lastname; ?> >
<div class=”ftxt”>
<label><?php _e(“Username :”,”);?></label>
<input id=”com_username” name=”com_username” type=”text” class=”input” required value=<?php echo $username; ?> >
<div class=”ftxt”>
<label><?php _e(“E-mail :”,”);?> </label>
<input id=”com_email” name=”com_email” type=”email” class=”input” required value=<?php echo $email; ?> >
<div class=”ftxt”>
<label><?php _e(“Password :”,”);?></label>
<input id=”password1″ name=”com_password” type=”password” required class=”input” />
<div class=”ftxt”>
<label><?php _e(“Confirm Password : “,”);?></label>
<input id=”password2″ name=”c_password” type=”password” class=”input” />
<div class=”fbtn”><input type=”submit” name=’com_submit’ class=”button” value=”Register”/> </div>

//add registration shortcoode
add_shortcode( ‘simple-registration-form’, ‘srf_registration_shortcode’ );


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