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Minecraft Launcher Won't Open On Windows PC

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Minecraft Launcher won't open on Windows PC

To quickly find and solve Windows errors automatically, download PC Repair Tool. Minecraft has been a popular Windows game for a long time. It's a game that takes place in a virtual world where players fight with monsters, zombies, spiders, and much more. It's a sandbox style game that is extremely addictive. So, what happens if you are a Minecraft player and the game suddenly stops not working on your computer. It's going to be frustrating you, don't you think? It will be frustrating, right?

Why is it that Minecraft not being launched?

Bad internet connection - This is the most frequent reason for the Minecraft malfunction on your Windows PC. Check your internet connection and fix it if it is needed. Then, you can try to launch Minecraft again. Launcher files that are corrupt - If the launcher file in your computer is damaged and the game is not able to launch. In this case you'll need to remove the launcher's files and start the game again. The launcher files are stored in the ".minecraft” folder. Drivers issue is another frequent issue. This is a very frequent issue. Make sure you've installed any recent update on your operating system. If it is an optional one then you can remove it and launch the game again.The system isn't up-to-date Every game or program has specific requirements for your system Check if your system is compatible or not.Too many mods - If your have installed too many mods installed on your PC this could cause difficulties when launching the game.Minecraft Launcher won't work on Windows PC

Let's now check a few solutions to the issue.1. Verify your internet connection2. Remove corrupt launcher files Update the graphic card driver4. Run Minecraft as administrator5. Then delete Minecraft mods6. Re-install Minecraft 1] Check your internet connection

Insufficient connectivity is the most common reason why a game does not launch. Your internet connection might not be game-optimized, and Minecraft will not launch. Make sure you change your internet connection so that you can launch the game again. 2] Clean up the corrupt launcher files

The launcher files may become corrupted and the game will not launch. The only fix to this issue is to delete the launcher files from the "Minecraft" folder on your PC, but then you have to install all your profiles manually.To find the Minecraft launcher files-- Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win+R- Type %appdata%- Go to the ".minecraft" folder- Locate the file called "launcher_profiles.json" and delete it.- Launch Minecraft and make new profiles from Settings. 3. Update your graphics card driver

If you're running an outdated version of the driver for graphics cards installed on your system, Minecraft will not launch. You can use any driver updater to update and repair the problem with the graphics drivers, and this can help start the game smoothly.To look for graphics driver updates:- Go to Device Manager in Control Panel- You can also open the Run dialog box and type "device manager".Go to Display adapters and double-click the device shown there.Click on the Drivers tab and check if it is updated or not. If it is update the driver, then launch the game once more. You can also look for any driver updates.4] Run Minecraft administrator

Privilege issues may also be the reason the game isn't starting. This issue can be resolved by running Minecraft as an administrator. Go to Minecraft, right-click, and run it as administrator. This should fix your issue.

Most games keep adding new mods (modifications) to their game. These are user-created modifications that are designed to improve the gameplay but sometimes they can cause issues when starting your game. You can now start the game by eliminating all Minecraft Mods.

If none of the above-mentioned fixes worked for you, it is recommended to uninstall the game and then install it again. To remove Microsoft-- Press Win+R and enter %appdata%.- Go to . Minecraft folder and click on the right-click.Select Delete. MINECRAFT SERVERS This will remove the game from your computer.Open the launcher and start the game again. These are a few possible fixes. These are just a few fixes. Let us know if they worked for you.

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